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PostSubject: Vanguard PVE/PVP BUILDS   Fri Apr 21, 2017 6:42 pm

Dzielimy się tu swoimi pomysłami jak najlepiej budować Vanguarda, zarówno do PVE jak i PVP
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PostSubject: Re: Vanguard PVE/PVP BUILDS   Mon May 01, 2017 2:27 pm


The purpose of this Guide is to cover most important aspects of tanking,explaining everything about the basics you need to know and understand, in order to become a great Tank.
This Guide will not go too deep into detail about Stat-/Skill-Specs, proper gemming or anything else, but will provide several recommendations.
It will still be your own job to make best out of it, and improve your Skill by experience and knowledge.

The Vanguard-Class is the standard (Main-) Tank, but also foremost Melee-Class in Revelation.
Vanguards are Leaders and valiant Protectors on the Battelfield, because of their impressive array of defensive abilities.
They have extreme survival abilities and control skills to endure damage or give their teammates opportunities to attack, defend a foothold.
Also it has a decent damage mitigation due to its AoE-Abilities.

Class Role:
• Primary: Main Tank
• Secondary: Off-DPS

Combat Style:
• Melee – physical combat.

Battle tactics and combat rotations are kind of intuitive

Class Advantages:
• heavy defense
• Leader-Class (PvX)
• can easily endure long Fights

Class Disadvantages:
• weaker Attack-Power than other Classes
• Close Combat

Team Position:
A formidable tank, protected by an enormous shield, the Vanguard leads the charge and protects teammates.

Main Weapon: Spear/Halbert
Secondary Weapon: Shield


Vigor (CN = Constitution)

So we want to have lots of it!

Spirit (CN = Spirit)

Spirit will give us Magic-Def. and HP aswell.
Depending on Bonus- and Gear-Stats,
you might want to have few more Points on Spirit,
to compansate the gap between Phys.- and Magic-Def.


Strength (CN = Power)

Strength: I would recommend using at least 100 Points on Strength,
for overall DPS aswell as for Aggro.


Lv 49
Stat-Overview NA

Lv 59
Stat-Overview CN

Stat-Ratio: every 4 Spirit -> 3 Vigor -> 1 Strength (Example)

Following Builds are just used to be examples!
Bonus Stats are included, in those Builds! (Basic+Bonus)
You need to adjust it yourself, depending on Gear/Level and Knowledge.

Lv 49         Lv59         Lv 69
Strength 50-100 80-120 100-150
Spirit 130-170 180-220 200-250+
Intelligence 1 1 1
Dexterity 1 1 1
Vigor 110-150 170-210 200-240+

Preferribly go for higher Tank-Stats (Vigor and Spirit)


Lv 49         Lv 59         Lv69
Strength 100-150 150-200 180-230
Spirit 80-130 150-170 170-200
Intelligence 1 1 1
Dexterity 40-60 60-80 80-100
Vigor 80-110 120-150 150-170

You can adjust the Dex. for Crit and use more points on Strength, or Tank-Stats instead (depending in Gear)

Please keep in mind, that the Hybrid-Build is supposed to be for experienced Players, that already have a moderate Knowledge about the Class, and know how to handle it.
This Build can be very difficult and also expensive, at the endgame content.


Lv 49         Lv59           Lv69
Strength 100-150 150-240 230-300
Spirit 50-80 80-100 100-120
Intelligence 1 1 1
Dexterity 80-90 90-100 100-120
Vigor 40-70 70-90 90-110

You can adjust stats and try to go for more Crit/Strength, depending on Gear


Theres different Types of Skills, so i split them up in following Groups: Passive / Normal / Combo / Aerial

– AoE = “Area of Effect”
– DoT = “Damage over Time”
– Tyrant = CC-Immunity.

To unlock your Passive-Skills, you will have to meet following requirements:

The first Passive, will automaticly be unlocked.
2nd: Requires to unlock 30 Talent Points (Arcane Arts)
3rd: Requires 60 unlocked Talent Points
4th: Rquires 90 unlocked Talent Points

Dragon Power
20% more resources from skills
Strength, Constitution, Intellect, Spirit and Agility increased by

Angry Roar
Resource generation increases by 16% for self and teammates
Radius: 30

Body Strenghthening
Maximum health increased by 60

for every 10 Strength, Constitution, Intellect, Spirit or Agility

Normal / Damage Skills

Heroic Strike Slam LMB-Skill (Action-Mode)
Basic Attack – regular auto attack.
Filler for Skill-Rotations
(Animation can be cancled)

Tornado Sweep (R)aids RMB-Skill (Action-Mode)
Area of Effect Skill
adds Bleeding Effect to Target for 6 sec.
very Important Skill for Overall DPS,
used in all of our Rotations (its a must)
Can be used during a Jump or in the Air.
(used for Ani-Cancle)

Broken Array Destroy Will be interresting, after unlocking Arcane Arts (49+)
(Animation can be cancled)
Quote: “one hit wonder” – MrJao

Conqueror´s Sweep Rotary Cut 2-Stage Skill
1st Stage: Fan-shaped AoE-Knockdown (3 sec.)
2nd Stage: Fan-shaped AoE, decent DPS
Part of our Rotations
(Animation can be cancled)

Crippling Bolt Dingjun Line-Shaped AoE DoT
The Crack is a very large Threat gain
second highest DPS-skill (important)
Part of our Rotations

Heroic Leap Come to earth Ranged Charge (leap) > AoE-Knockdown
standard charge + Knockdown.

Benetnash Gang member Stance-Skill
Can switch between Stances (Damage/Normal/Defense-Stance)
Skill Active: Defense-Stance
(grants additional Aggro (50%), Phys. and Magic-Def., reduces Movementspeed)
Skill Inactive: Normal-Stance
Damage-Stance: Requires unlocked Arcane Arts

Dragongrip Long grip Single-Target Pull (15m Range)
Interrupts targets casting
(Important for PvP or Boss-Mechanics in Dungeons)

Vanguard´s Blessing Jagged AoE- / Party-Buff
Increases Health of Caster/Teammates
and incoming Healing by certain Amount

Wyrmweed Xiao Tian CC-Break (IMPORTANT)
Control Immunity for certain Amount of Time
(You want to have low/reduced Cooldown on this Skill, especially for PvP)

Light Shield Light Shield  Absorbs damage for 3 seconds
2 Stage-Skill
1st Stage: Summons Shield on Caster
2nd Stage: Releases Damage in front of Caster
Second Stage will release after certain Amount of Time, or by activating Skill again (used to absorb Damage)

No Fear Fearless Fearless has 3 different uses depending on your Stance
Def-Stance: Damage decreased by 50% and Defence increased by 50%
Normal-Stance: Damage increased by 20% and defence increased by 20%
DPS-Stance: Damage increased by 50% and defence decreased by 50%
(Effects can also be adjusted with Arcane Arts)


Combo-kills are your F1-F6 skills.
They are splitted up in two Paths: Damage (Heavens Wrath) and Defense (God´s Blessing)

You can only have 3 out of 4 abilities active at the same time, for each Path.

The resource for Heavens Wrath-Skills are generated by your Damage Abilities
and your God´s Blessing Resources are generated by the Amount of taken Damage.

Heavens Wrath

God´s Blessing

Heavens Wrath

 Sundering Steel Lei Fei – Break Shield throwing ability that deals lots of Damage.
It can double the Damage, if Targets HP is below a certain Amount (%).

Relentless Hurricane Yan Lei – turn Channels a 30 Second Spin-To-Win Skill.Grants CC-Immunity (very interesting for PvP).
Can be canceled by jumping or dashing.

Blazing Charge Ponley – Punching Charge-Skill, which charges straight forward (facing direction).
Can Kock-Back and Kock-Down enemies inside Charge-Range.

Smite Raytheon – One Massive Area of Effect Knock-Down. Multiple Knock-Downs in a row, to Enemies inside the AoE-Radius.
Requires quite huge Amount of Resource.
Pretty high Damage Output (Burst).

Gods Blessing

Thunder Strike Thunder Shake AoE-Knockdown with decent Damage. It has a short radius, but can be very effective,
if you use it wisely.

Holy Vortex Capture Massive AoE-Pull. Moderate Damage.
The Range is a bigger than it’s visual Effect.

Indomitable Will Gang member
Area of Effect Buff / Party-CC-Break
Can be used as Taunt-Skill, while being in Def.-Stance.
Party Buff, to dispell CCs and harmful Debuffs,
from Caster and Teammates,
inside the Range of the AoE-Radius.

Shield Storm Absolute Guardian Great Damage mitigation Skill.Reduces incoming damage by 50%, but also deals little Damage to surrounding Enemies.

Combo Skill Tree Basics

1. Roads / 2. Effect / 3. Orbs and Progress / 4. Upgrade costs

Roads are used to add additional Effects to your Combo-Skills.
In order to add a Road to your selected Combo-Skill,
you have to gain 1000 points on a Road first, to unlock it. (1.)
To Learn a specific Road, you will have to chose and confirm it, (2.)
by clicking on the “Learn” button.
Before the chosen Effect will be added, (3.)
you will have to offer a specific Amount of Daos.
The amount and quality of required Dao´s can vary,
depending on Skill-Grade (1/2/3 Star) and the Road-Level (4.)

If you dont have enough Daos at a time,
you can store them on the Skill(listed on top),
untill you have the required Amount of Daos stored/offered.


Way of the Flames
Way of the Mountain
Way of the Wind

Way of the Woods


Sidus Dao
Demonic Daoist Star
Devine Phantom Daoist Star


Sundering Steel

Increases Skill-Damage by 4% / 9% / 16% / 24% / 33%

Skill resource is reduced by 4% / 9% / 16% / 26% / 33%

Cooldown is reduced by 4% / 9% / 16% / 26% / 33%

When Targets HP is below 16% / 24% / 34% / 46% / 60%, Damage increases by 50% .

Relentless Hurricane

Increases Skill-Damage by 3% / 7% / 12% / 18% / 25%

Life-Steal increases by 2% / 4% / 6% / 8% / 10%

Cooldown is reduced by 6% / 12% / 19% / 26% / 33%

Skill duration is decreased by 10s / 20s / 25s / 25s / 25s ,
but Damage increased by 18% / 72% / 115% / 126% / 140%

Blazing Charge

Increases Skill-Damage by 4% / 10% / 18% / 27% / 38%

Skill resource is reduced by 6% / 12% / 19% / 26% / 33%

Cooldown is reduced by 6% / 12% / 19% / 26% / 33%

Increases Knockdown duration on enemies by 0,2s / 0,4s / 0,7s / 1,1s / 1,5


Increases Skill-Damage by 3% / 8% / 14% / 21% / 29%

Skill resource is reduced by 6% / 12% / 19% / 26% / 33%

Cooldown is reduced by 6% / 12% / 19% / 26% / 33%

Increases Knockdown duration on enemies by 0,2s / 0,6s / 1s / 1,4s / 2s

Thunder Strike

Increases Skill-Damage by 7% / 16% / 28% / 42% / 58%

Skill resource is reduced by 6% / 12% / 19% / 26% / 33%

Cooldown is reduced by 6% / 12% / 19% / 26% / 33%

Reduces enemies Physical Defense by 5% / 5% / 5% / 6% / 10%,
last 3s / 5s / 8s / 10s / 10s

Holy Vortex

Increases Skill-Damage by 5% / 12% / 21% / 32% / 45%

Skill resource is reduced by 6% / 12% / 19% / 26% / 33%

Cooldown is reduced by 6% / 12% / 19% / 26% / 33%

Reduces enemies Physical and Magic-Damage by 5% / 8% / 10% / 14% / 20%,
lasts 6s / 6s / 8s / 10s / 10s

Indomitable Will

Increases Phys. and Magic-Damage by 6% / 14% / 24% / 36% / 50%

Skill resource is reduced by 6% / 12% / 19% / 26% / 33%

Cooldown is reduced by 6% / 12% / 19% / 26% / 33%

Increase damage reduction by 6% / 14% / 24% / 36% / 50%



Increases Damage reduction by 1,5% / 4% / 7% / 11% / 15%

Skill resource is reduced by 6% / 12% / 19% / 26% / 33%

Cooldown is reduced by 6% / 12% / 19% / 26% / 33%

Increases Skill-Damage by 9% / 21% / 36% / 54% / 75%


I recently edited this Tab, and added Tank- and DPS-specific reccommendations.

Sundering Steel:

Tank and DPS

to increase Damage

to activate the Increased Damage-Effect,
when the HP of the Target is low (certain percentage of HP).

Relentless Hurricane:


to increase Skill-Damage

to add an Life-Steal Effect


to increase Skill-Damage

to reduce Cooldown

Blazing Charge:

to increase Damage

to increase the Knockdown duration.


to increase Damage

Will decrease Resource costs



to increase Damage

to increase the Knockdown duration in between Knockdowns


to increase Damage

Will decrease Resource costs

Thunder Strike:


to reduce Cooldown

to lower Defense of surrounding enemies by certain Percentage


to increase Damage

to reduce Cooldown

Holy Vortex:


to reduce Cooldown

to reduce the Damage (%) of Enemies, for a certain amount of Time.


to increase Damage

to reduce Cooldown

Indomitable Will:


to reduce Cooldown

to reduce the Damage of surrounding Enemies


to increase Damage

to reduce Cooldown

Shield Storm:


to increase Damage reduction


to reduce Cooldown or to increase Damage.


to increase Damage reduction

to reduce Cooldown.


Aerial Skills can be used while flying (Wings activated).
That will make you able to attack Targets from or in the Air.

Heroic Strike – Aerial Flying Slam
Damage in front of player

Deals 87.7% of physical attack + 1006-1230 damage
Radius: 5
Cooldown: 0.6

Sundering Steel – Aerial Flying – Break
Damage to enemy target

Deals 290.5% of physical attack + 3333-4073 damage
Damage increases by 100% if target have less than 20% health
Range: 30
Cooldown: 4

Conqueror´s Sweep – Aerial Flying Rotary Cut
Damage in front of player

Deals 285.1% of physical attack + 3272-3999 damage every second over 3 seconds
You cannot move during attack
Radius: 2×5
Cooldown: 6

Dragongrip – Aerial Flying Long grip
Pulls enemy target

Interrupts target casting
Deals 127.5% of physical attack + 1463-1788 damage
Stuns target for 3 seconds
Range: 30
Cooldown: 15

Holy Vortex – Aerial Flying Capture
Pull surrounding enemies

Pull surrounding enemies
Deals 170.8% of physical attack + 1960-2395 damage
Stuns enemies for 3 seconds
Radius: 10
Cooldown: 15

Wyrmweed – Aerial Flying Xiao Tian
Frees from control effects and increases movement speed
Control immunity for 5 seconds
Movement speed increases by 50% for 5 seconds
Cooldown: 11

Arcane Arts / Talent Points

Arcane Arts are additional/optional Talents, which can change or add Effects to your normal Skills.
You can find them, by pressing “K” to open the Skill-Overview.
Click on the Blue Bubble, at the Bottom, to open the Arcane Arts-Tab.
In there you can add/adjust Effects of your Damage (Normal) Skills.

Unlocking Arcane Arts

Theres two ways to unlock Arcane Arts:
– buying Skill-Books off the Auction/NPC etc
– dropping them in GrandBulwark Reverse (Intermediate Books)
or in Machinarium Reverse (Advanced Books)

In the following Steps, i will describe where and how to buy the Books:

Talent Overview

Effects and priority Rating:
The Effects will be splitted into four different Priorities:unimportant/bad,
okay, good, very good,
(Color coding similar to ingame Ratings, which means: worst = Grey > Green
> Blue > Purple > Gold = best )

Description and Recommendation

Heroic Strike

Beginner Path 2 – Increase gain of Resource by 10%/20%/30% – okay

Beginner Path 1 – 20%/40% chance to decreases Target physical Defense by 2.5% for 5 seconds – good

Intermediate Path 3 – Increases Physical defense debuff by 1/3/5 seconds – good

Advanced Path 3 – Physical Defense debuff can stack 2/3/4 times – very good

Advanced 2 Path 3 – Physical Def. debuff has a 60%/80%/100% chance to proc while target is bleeding – good
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